Russian Giant Rhubarb Seed


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Russian Giant (specie?) Rhubarb Seed (price is per 25 seeds)

This rhubarb is an unusual, large growing, winter dormant, type. Extremely vigorous, picks easily, and is good eating. Grows incredibly fast from seed and can be picked 6 months from sowing. Leaves are pubescent in the spring. Not suitable for growing in pots once established.

The Mother plants were found growing in an old garden in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, Australia. In the 1920s-1930s the Dandenong Ranges was the home to many notable gardens and world renowned, famous and wealthy plant collectors. I have seen the same, or similar, type of Rheum growing in Russian Villages around the White Sea area. The garden owners had no idea of the English name of this plant.

In cultivation it seldom, if ever goes to seed, hence its high price. Only sow in spring as it is winter dormant. Don't pick the last stalks in autumn (fall) to enable it to put some energy back into the roots to get it through the winter.
I think it is a specie, but I can't find anything like it in my heavily researched list of Rheum (rhubarb) species of the world.

It is the most unusual commercial rhubarb I have ever seen, and for convenience sake, I have called it...Russian Giant.

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