Crimson Sunrise Rhubarb Seed


Approximately 100 seeds per gram.
Order quantity is grams.
Price is per gram.

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This stunning new variety spontaneously appeared in my field plants, perhaps a self-sown seedling. I have no idea of its breeding. It grows true to type from seed. It is extremely vigorous, growing all year round, reliably producing very tall [2ft or 60cm] not overly thick stems. They are always the brightest stunning red, winter and most importantly in very hot summers, when most varieties tend to go greenish. Being very tall it does not like strong winds, so requires some protection. It is too tall for supermarket production, but great for bunching for farmerís markets etc. or home consumption. It is something entirely new and different. It seldom goes to seed, hence the premium price for the seed as it is scarce.

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