We are innovative growers specialising in French oriented culinary plants that you can grow in your backyard or on your patio.  As our company grows, so will our range of products.

Truffles and rhubarb both have their roots in rural France, but in quite different ways.

The truffles grow naturally under oak trees, along country lanes and forest clearings.  The exact locations of the truffles are closely guarded by truffle hunters who often secretly collect the truffles by dead of night.

Rhubarb was imported from China for medicinal purposes in dried form.  Live rhubarb roots were smuggled in, and soon rhubarb was growing in France.  The advent of cheap sugar made rhubarb palatable and suitable for culinary use.  So rhubarb joined truffles in the French countryside and became part of the local cuisine.

Follow your dreams and grow gourmet truffles and rhubarb in your own backyard or patio!

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